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A new dimension. Video Ads are now simple to make.


Connect data

Connect to our API or upload your catalog data file. TheMotion will process and transform your static data into video.


Setup design

Create Video Ads as unique and stylish as your brand. With our technology, we teach the machine once. It learns forever.


Produce video ads!

Get your videos on demand, every time. Need to update the content or price? No worries, we do that in an instant too.

TheMotion Facebook
Facebook Solutions

Be where the masses are. Connect with more than 1.7 billion active monthly users on the largest social network there is. Get video ads that work perfectly on Facebook – mobile and desktop. Skyrocket views and sales!

TheMotion Instagram
Instagram Solutions

As Instagram users ourselves, we're like good-looking content. And when it moves, we like it even more. Build perfect video ads for Instagram in a snap. Take advantage of our square format to make the most of screens and deliver content your users will love.

TheMotion YouTube
Youtube Solutions

Extended reach and tons of traffic. On YouTube, video ads appear before other videos and in search results. Get the most out of your advertising spend on Youtube by only paying when someone engages with your ad.

Dynamic banner format

Dynamic Video Ads in RTB

Amazing advertising campaigns requires cross-platform and cross-network campaigns. Send a more powerful message by having your old-fashioned banners reinvented and transformed into appealing video ads that adapt to standard banner formats.

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