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How A Leading Hotel Company Doubled Its CTR with Video Ads

It is essential for brands to be able to adapt to ever-changing consumer needs and purchase behaviors. Today’s online experience is highly dominated by video and dynamic content, which represents about 72% of internet traffic.The company understood the need to embrace this trend and decided to launch a video ads campaign to promote its hotels in the most performant way.

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How an E-commerce Company Increased Its ROI 7X

By determining the ROI of different marketing campaigns, businesses can identify their highest performing channels and invest more in those efforts. The top priority for most companies, and advertising departments in particular, is find new ways to maximize their ROI. A popular Spanish e-commerce brand, was in exactly this position and decided that the company would most likely benefit from utilizing video ad campaigns.

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Video Ads Bring E-commerce Company Sales to New Heights

In the highly competitive e-commerce industry, getting your advertising campaigns in front of the right people at the right time is a must. Knowing this, the company started looking for an innovative way to differentiate itself and attract the attention of new customers.

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Video Ads on Facebook Enable E-commerce Brand to Achieve 15X ROI

With 72% of adult internet users on Facebook, it is a social media platform that needs to be incorporated into every advertising strategy. Knowing this, a leading French e-commerce fashion brand, chose to work with TheMotion to test out how video ads could help the company reach their acquisition goals in addition to seeing how different video ads performed for a variety of product categories including men’s and women’s clothing.

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